What is EconReporter?

EconReporter is an independent journalism project based in Hong Kong.

Established as a non-expert’s exploration of economics, we want to share with readers, among them, economics students, journalists, investors, and economists the latest economics and finance ideas which we have learned through our explorations and interviews with top-notch economists.

With five years of devoted cultivations, EconReporter now has more than 12K followers on social media platforms and modest recognition in Hong Kong. Our work can be found at econreporter.com [Chinese] or en.econreporter.com [English].

Where is the General Theory of the 21st Century?

Since mid-2016, we have been developing an English side project — an interview series called “Where is the General Theory of 21st Century?”.

The mission of this interview series is to talk to elite economists and ask them what is their views on the evolutions of macroeconomics since the Great Recession. We would introduce some of the new macroeconomics ideas which top economists are pondering in the last ten years. Hopefully, this should give us a good survey on how much macroeconomics, as a science, as the basis of policy tools, has improved (or worsened) since 2008.

The interview series focus on the macroeconomics questions listed below:

1) What have economists learned from the Great Recession?
2) Monetary Policy and what is the limit?
3) Fiscal Policy and what it can do?
4) What else can we try? Fiscal Theory of Price Level?
5) What else can we try? Helicopter Money?
6) What else can we try? Central Bank Reserve as Monetary Tools?
7) DSGE – a problem or a solution?
8) Secular Stagnation and how to deal with it?
9) International Financial Flow – what are the unintended consequences?
10) What is the role of Finance in Macro?
11) Does Inequality have a role in Macro of the 21st Century?
12) Does Debt have a role in Marco of the 21st Century?
13) Does Politics have a role in Macro of the 21st Century?

If you have any suggestions and comments on the WITGT21 project, or if you have a cooperation initiatives, you can contact us at [email protected].