What is EconReporter?

EconReporter is an independent journalism project focusing on Economics and global economic news.

Started as a non-expert’s exploration guide of economics, we strive to share the trending and insightful economics and finance ideas with readers— among them, economics students, journalists, investors and economists.

EconReporter accumulated over 15K followers across social media platforms through the years. Our works can be found on our Cantonese website as well as our English news outlet.

EconReporter’s works are cited here and there:

Where is the General Theory of the 21st Century?

Where is the General Theory of the 21st Century? is an interview series we developed since 2016.

The mission of this interview series is to host conversation with top-notch economists about their views on the evolutions of macroeconomics since the Great Recession. We also introduced new macroeconomics ideas that are considered prominent by the economists.

Our aim is to give readers a good sense of how macroeconomics, as a social science and as a policy tools, has improved since 2008.