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Where is the General Theory of the 21st Century?

We are developing a side project, an interview series called “Where is the General Theory of 21st Century?”.

The mission of the series is to talk to elite economists and ask them what is their views on the evolutions of macroeconomics since the Great Recession. We would introduce some of the new macroeconomics ideas which top economists are pondering in the last ten years. Hopefully, this should give us a good survey on how much macroeconomics, as a science, as the basis of policy tools, has improved (or worsened) since 2008.

We are now publishing one interview every two months but we are working to improve it much further. Our target is to publish new interviews bi-weekly. As you can guess, one of the major issues we are facing is that we are tight on funding and resources.

To achieve our goal, we need your support

We hope readers like you, who loves to read more quality interviews and reports on the latest development in macroeconomics, to support the development of “Where is the General Theory of the 21st Century?” interview series.

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